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Training Services

ERAS - Practical Training Services

Practice learning-by-doing and build your career by enhancing your skills with us!


Why should you benifit our training services?

We will help achieve your career goals without the need for a conventional college degree through relevant real-world skills.


Our trainings' curriculum are frequently updated and improved to accommodate new and unique lessons' method to be learnt efficiently in a more harmonized way.


Our base of operations in our education industry is offering the following services which includes but not limited to:

  • Research Methodology Training

  • Sampling Techniques and Survey Methodology Training

  • Statistical Techniques Training

  • Statistics for Research Training

  • Data Management Training

  • Data Analysis with Excel

  • Scientific Paper Writing Training

  • SPSS Training

  • STATA Training

  • E-Views Training

  • R Training Training

  • Data Science Training


At our research training programs, as a trainee you will conduct research assignments that your peers at universities often don’t see until graduate school. By providing you the opportunity to do genuine research work, trainees learn hands-on skills that become the foundation of scientific research. It aims to help a diverse group of trainees develop a passion for performing research.


Our People
We are an integrated group of diverse practitioners and a team of deep thinkers and hands-on professionals.

We are a 20+ team of skilled, experienced and qualified experts.



All our analysts and consultants are professionals with advanced data, technical or management degrees, and deeply passionate about research and problem-solving. This enables us to walk in our client’s shoes and treat every assignment as if it will drive choices that we would readily back with our own actions.


Contextual Understanding 

We have a contextual understanding of our client's business objectives. Grasping upfront what needs to be done and what data needs to be collected means that we get started right away.

Research Techniques
We focus on what matters most, that is, high-quality data and insights that drive better decisions.


We combine a rigorous project lifecycle framework, desk research, extensive on-ground market research and thousands of man hours of collective industry research experience to deliver data/facts and insights that are reliable and actionable. With analyst teams and access to industry experts, we help our clients to develop a powerful understanding of how industries operate at a local/regional level and opportunities they can leverage in different markets.


We Are Data Experts

Our data scientists bring in the analytics capabilities and the right set of methodologies to solve business problems.


Actionable Insights

Our team of business analysts bring together context and data to generate meaningful business insights.

We are giving you the knowledge you need!

We know you need answers quickly, reliably and defensibly. Trust us to work with you on solving your business problem. With our insight, analysis and expertise you’ll make confident strategic decisions that drive success.

At ERAS, We are promoting the practice and profession of Research and Analytics through providing an opportunity to do genuine research work .


Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We deliver wide range of services to provide best solution that helps everyone. We are always here to help you, Get in Touch with us!