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Data Literacy Education & Consulting Services

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ERAS Data Literacy Program

What is Data Literacy?

Before getting know about Data Literacy, you need to understand Data, click here and read the file.

Data Literacy is the ability to translate and derive meaningful insights from data into useful information that will benefit the company. Or simply it means that a person is able to identify a question or situation clearly, know what data is needed for that issue and where to get the right data, how to read / interpret that data objectively, and how to use the results to solve that problem or address that situation.


Who is a data literate?
A data literate communicates well, not overwhelmed by information, takes action using data, argues with data, taking action fast enough but not reckless, interested in data, and questioning things.



Data Literacy Education and Consulting

Empower your people to use data for advantage!

ERAS Data Literacy Program is designed to empower your entire workforce to use data effectively – regardless of role or skill. This industry-leading program offers comprehensive learning resources and consulting services to build data literacy skills across your organization.


We Deliver:

  • A baseline level of understanding of data within your organization

  • Exploration of the best ways to train and educate your workforce on new topics or tactics

  • A clear learning path for all team members across the organization



Our Approach

We take the time to understand your team’s current state as it relates to data literacy and training capabilities, and then we deploy a customized program that relates to your specific needs.

Define your team’s needs around data literacy training and education

Create and deploy a literacy assessment to establish a baseline within your organization

Create content for the purpose of training foundational skills and work with your team to establish practical exercises and training opportunities

Deploy training materials, either through online learning modules or hosted sessions where our experts can help your team better understand their data




What Data Literacy Skills Should Employees Develop?

Data science and analytics is a wide and diverse field that incorporates computer science, programming, statistics, math, algorithms, machine learning, and more. A data literate employee does not have to possess these skillsets by any means. If they did, they would be data scientists! 


Employees who are data literate can:

do their own critical thinking and analyses using data;
make data-based decisions rather than experience or intuition-based ones;
use data to communicate ideas and to help create new products, business models, workflows and strategies;
understand data visualizations


Why care about Data Literacy?


Data Literacy Can Boost Business

Today, data is the universal language in the new digital economy and competing in a world where data is being generated and consumed at unimaginable rates, individuals and organizations need to be data literate.
We can firmly say that data literacy’s pretty much as important as basic reading and writing was back in time. Becoming data literate is no longer an option in today’s data-driven world — it’s a must. So, Data Literacy is now the latest item in the business competency skill set which has become a fundamental skill for all professionals, a skill so essential that we view it as a consumer right of the 21st century. Now how do you and your company compare? Are you set up to compete or will you suffer defeat in today’s analytics economy?


Data Literacy Is Imperative in the Future of Work
The outcome of a data literacy program should ideally be a set of employees who are able to derive insights from data and make a concrete business case for each business requirement. For instance, a data-literate HR team can use HR analytics to establish a direct connection between improved employee engagement and better benefits, such as flexible work hours.

To ensure that a data literacy program is successful, it is first essential to identify which, including managers and leaders, have the potential to learn to use data and make sense of it. Finally, a data-driven culture is essential to enable data literacy.
Organizations must guide employees on how to use data, not just give them access to data and leave them to make sense of it on their own.
We can help you to promote data literacy and an insights-driven culture in your organization.


Our People
We are an integrated group of diverse practitioners and a team of deep thinkers and hands-on professionals.

We are a 20+ team of skilled, experienced and qualified experts.



All our analysts and consultants are professionals with advanced data, technical or management degrees, and deeply passionate about research and problem-solving. This enables us to walk in our client’s shoes and treat every assignment as if it will drive choices that we would readily back with our own actions.


Contextual Understanding 

We have a contextual understanding of our client's business objectives. Grasping upfront what needs to be done and what data needs to be collected means that we get started right away.

Research Techniques
We focus on what matters most, that is, high-quality data and insights that drive better decisions.


We combine a rigorous project lifecycle framework, desk research, extensive on-ground market research and thousands of man hours of collective industry research experience to deliver data/facts and insights that are reliable and actionable. With analyst teams and access to industry experts, we help our clients to develop a powerful understanding of how industries operate at a local/regional level and opportunities they can leverage in different markets.


We Are Data Experts

Our data scientists bring in the analytics capabilities and the right set of methodologies to solve business problems.


Actionable Insights

Our team of business analysts bring together context and data to generate meaningful business insights.

We are giving you the knowledge you need!

We know you need answers quickly, reliably and defensibly. Trust us to work with you on solving your business problem. With our insight, analysis and expertise you’ll make confident strategic decisions that drive success.

At ERAS, We are promoting the practice and profession of Research and Analytics through providing an opportunity to do genuine research work .


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