Enhance: Research & Analytics Solutions (ERAS)

About us

ERAS has been created by a group of experienced professionals and researchers committed for creating value in the community. We are a business consulting firm providing research and analytics services. We deliver holistic services rather than just functional solutions to individuals and businesses.

Our Culture

We are creating values in our community for a bright and well developed future through our work. As a team, we are always striving to achieve our goals as a singular unified group. We think of each other as family that learns and grows together through hardships and learn from each other’s failures and experience. We celebrate our achievements, be they little or big.

Our Team

Founder+CEO - Safiullah Hakimi

Safiullah hakimi


Safiullah Hakimi is the founder and CEO of ERAS. He is an enthusiastic data leader working to provide people with the necessary capabilities and change of mindset to incorporate data-driven initiatives to create more valuable and sustainable companies. He is designing cultural and behavioral change plans for organizations to promote data literacy which he believes is the biggest hindrance to accelerating enterprise data. In addition, Mr. Hakimi has led the largest youth organizations, and strategic change initiatives, and provided Inclusive 4IR advisory and coaching services to UNITAR digital reskilling program. He believes that companies need employees that know how to handle data processing tools, generate insights, and use them in the decision-making process. Mr. Hakimi is eager for community development; he is a TED member, Think Tanker, TEDxer, and MOICer.

Co-Founder & Partner - Noman Alnoor

Ahmad noman alnoor

Co-Founder+Senior Research Director

Ahmad Noman Alnoor is a certified and professional Economist, Data Scientist, Research and Financial Analyst. He is an ACCA Affiliate Member and got his BA in Statistics and Economics from Kabul University. He has worked as a researcher and senior survey statistician and methodologist at Konard Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) and National Centre for Policy Research (NCPR). Mr. Noman Alnoor is highly skilled and experienced with research and analytics knowledge across all areas of the industry. He has extensive research experience in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India and conducted research in economics, econometrics, and demographics.

Maisam Afshar

Shaqaiq Hakimi

Chief of Staff

Ms. Shaqaiq Hakimi has a wide background in managing staff and team building. She has a B.S in Computer Science and worked in technology innovation, applications’ development and helping some of the country’s largest companies to develop and deploy new solutions with a particular focus on technology.

AbdulQahar Balkhi

AbdulQahhar Balkhi

Senior Research Consultant+Head of Market Research

Mr. Balkhi has been a researcher for over 6 years and is highly practiced with knowledge in both qualitative and quantitative research. He is experienced in mentoring and training in statistics, data management and analysis, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and conducted many workshops for national and regional employees and researchers. He got his B.A. from University of Texas at Brownsville in Leadership and Management and got his M.A from University of Peshawar at Pakistan in Social Science. Mr. Balkhi has designed and managed hundreds of quantitative surveys in multiple provinces of Afghanistan. His particular interest and extensive experience has been in conducting social research helping organizations to effectively manage and collect data, and deliver reliable and insightful results that drive strategic decision-making.

Nadia Hashemi

Nadia hashemi

Innovation and Development Manager

Nadia Hashemi has a B.S in Geographical Information System from Kabul Polytechnic University. She has worked with different organizations and NGOs with professional background and knowledge of program/event management and planning, social entrepreneurship, and business development. She has worked as National Vice President with AIESEC in Afghanistan. Ms. Hashemi has also worked as an assistant researcher with PhD scholars within universities and National Development Cooperation.

Abid Frotan

abid frotan

Researcher+Head of Translation Services

Abid Frotan is a highly motivated and inspired youth who has multi-faceted expertise with various organizations (Public and Private sectors) and ministries. He has a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Kabul University and currently pursuing his MBA. Mr. Frotan researched in several economic issues and translated many books. He has participated in South Asian Economic Summit 2016 in Nepal and published his research paper and articles in regional journals and magazines. He has worked with AIESEC in Afghanistan as VP of Business Development (2015-2016). He has traveled to India, Nepal and Pakistan and worked in Accounting and HR with well-known organizations.

Esmatullah Asad

Esmatullah asad

Public Relations Specialist

Mr. Esmatullah Asad has multi-faced expertise and worked as part of a large team, including the Professional Institute of Business & Finance (PIBF), UNFPA, UNITAR, and many other large companies and institutions in numerous countries. In 2019, he garnered major attention from numerous organizations outlets for his professional expertise, including the United Arabic Emirates UAE, Pakistan, India, and the USA. In addition, Mr. Asad is an expert designer and photographer who became professional with his own passion and intrinsic talent with no mentor. In his works, there’s embracing energy to his art in designing. He is a hard-working person and has a great ability to work in tough situations. He is designing and executing media strategies to keep ERAS's services in the top for public—in a good way.

Faisal Noori

faisal noori

Project Manager

Faisal Noori has a research, marketing and communications background worked and managed in various projects. He has worked with a diverse range of clients from both private and public sectors across business projects. Faisal has extensive experiences in managing projects with different organizations in both public and private sectors. He has also organized and facilitated programs/events in many large youth forums and national conferences.

Mohammad Shahab Sharifi

Mohammad Shahab sharifi

Head of Research and Studies

Shahab Sharifi has experience working with many organizations (national & international) in the research and development roles. He will help the Research and Studies department of ERAS with his extensive expertise in development of research plans and studies framework development. He has conducted researches in different fields particularly in engineering, technology, and innovation. As part of his social works, he is leading World Youth Movement and TEDxKabulUniversity to enhance youths’ capacity and community development. Shahab is goal-oriented and has a great passion working for youth generation to have a brighter future.

Moqadas Hashimi

moqadas hashimi

Head of Media and Communication

Ms. Moqadas Hashimi has a vivid and various experience in media, investigative reporting and journalism. She has been working in different media channels and organizations like The Kilid Group, ALPHA, G+, Tolo, and Tolo News as a documentary journalist, investigative reporter, TV and radio programs producer, editor, and presenter. She has a unique talent and skills in program production and presentation alongside skilled in communication and investigative reporting.

Hosai Ibrahimkhil

hosai ibrahimkhil

Finance Manager

Hosai Ibrahimkhil is well experienced in Finance, Accounting, Banking, and HR. She has a bachelor degree in Economics and led Finance and HR department with many organizations (Both public and private sectors). Ms. Ibrahimkhil has also experience in research and helped organizations in data collection and survey conduction to turn data into insightful results that drive strategic decision-making.

Masooda Waezi

Masooda Waezi

Legal Advisor

Ms. Masooda Waezi is a lawyer and businessperson. She has a bachelor degree in Law and later completed her formal term as a barrister. Besides her business background, she has spent most of her life’s journey working as a social activist in various organizations and worked for women’s rights. She has invested in many micro-enterprises in business and law firms and has been legal advisor with various organizations. She will advise ERAS with her multi-faceted background in legal affairs.

At ERAS, We are promoting the practice and profession of Research and Analytics through providing an opportunity to do genuine research work .


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